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cool sites

These are some of the best sites we've visited We can't show you home movies but take a look at what we've found on the web.
  1. Department of Energy Home Page
  2. Freese-Notis Weather
  3. Freese-Notis Weather National InterRAD Page
  4. General SGML Applications
  5. Honolulu Community College's WWW Service
  6. Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington
  7. International Health News: Home Page
  8. National Geodetic Survey
  9. Public SGML Software
  10. The IBM software home page
  11. The IBM world wide web home page
  12. The United States Senate
  13. United States Mint
  14. Java Home Page
  15. Home Automation Systems Catalog - X10 Automation, Security, Surveillance, Audio
  16. How stuff works
  17. Stock Market Information
  18. Texas Rangers (Baseball)
  19. Dallas Cowboys (Pro Football)
  20. NBA Basketball
  21. Help Wanted Ads
  22. HotBot
  23. The Library of Congress
  24. Yellow Pages/800 numbers
  25. Windows Drivers
  26. Dog Pile Search Engine
  27. The Dilbert Zone
  28. USA Today
  29. Microsoft Training Page
  30. Cisco