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Here's a video of our friend Anthony Marano's new book.
The Speeches Of Texas Daddy

Tony's Blog: Propaganda Buster

Tony says his blog is an attempt to expose the propaganda masquerading as political correctness which is epidemic in the news media.

Here's Tony on his YouTube Channel!

TracerMarker Demonstration Video (Flash)

TracerMarker Demonstration Video (WindowsMediaPlayer)

  • The TracerMarker is an adhesive backed plug that contains an internal feature that accurately locates and center punches hole locations for parts that require hole patterns to be duplicated.
  • The TracerMarker greatly reduces costly mistakes by decreasing the potential for mislocating hole-patterns in expensive replacement components by eliminating the use of templates..
  • The TracerMarker replaces the current process of making extremely time consuming plastic templates, or numerous other tedious processes of tracing hole patterns to be duplicated.
  • The TracerMarker lends itself to thousands of possible applications that will prove itself as a valuable asset to any manufacturing, overhaul and repair of aircraft, automotive, industrial and commercial applications.
  • The TracerMarker will show it's savings in time and dollars quickly as it reduces aircraft down time.
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,796,051 B2

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